Cheetah Room learns about water at Tender Tots Decatur Avenue

This month the thematic unit is all about water!  The Cheetah classroom performed an experiment and observed eight items that either sink or float in water.  First the students created a graph using tally marks and numbers to predict which items would sink or float.  After everyone made their prediction, they took eight items: metal Read More

Monster Mash in the Panda Room!

Last month, the Pandas learned about the Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!  Our Panda explorers had a great time learning the importance of the three R’s.  One activity that they especially LOVED was when they turned regular recycling items like a cleaned out milk jug into something else.  The students we’re able to Read More

Zebra Room Newsflash!

For the month of March, the Zebras learned all about trees.  We learned about what makes up a tree and who lives in them.  We also learned about other things that are on trees, such as fruit, flowers and even birds nests.  We read the story “Goodnight Mouse” by Parragon.  It was about different types Read More


We over on 137th Street would like to congratulate one of our preschool teachers on her promotion to Lead UPK Teacher.  Mrs. Ashanti had been teaching in our four year old Lion Room.  She goes above and beyond for her students making sure they are in a learning environment that is comfortable and challenging at Read More

NEWSFLASH: Fashion Show in the Panda Room!

February has been an exciting month for our young explorers!  During February our students have been taking a deeper looking into clothing.  Each week we discussed a different topic.  We began by looking at the characteristics of clothing.  Then we moved on and learned all about the different ways we take care of our clothes. Read More

Let’s take care of our teeth!!

This week the students in the Giraffe room are learning about brushing their teeth!!  We introduced the topic by reading the book ‘Brushing our teeth.’  We had familiar objects such as toothbrushes, tooth paste, mouth wash and even dental floss,  for the students to pass around a talk about.  The part the children loved the most Read More

Cheetah Room newsflash!

The month of February brought about a lot of changes in the Cheetah Room.  We started a clothing study that had everyone excited.  The dramatic play center added a washer, dryer, and clothesline.  Students learned about the different types of clothing and how to take care of them.  The cheetahs even took a trip to the Read More

Breaking news: Monkey Room and Dental Hygiene

The week the Monkey’s are learning about dental hygiene.  We began introducing vocabulary like brush, tooth paste, and mouth wash.  We even had a chance to look at and explore these things.  This week the monkeys practiced how to brush their teeth.  We discussed that we should also brush two times a day, once in Read More

Lion Room Newsflash!!

In the last week of February the Lion room as been talking about Dental Hygiene.  The lions made a mouth with teeth using construction paper and marshmallows.  Our kiddies had a great time and were very tempted to eat their marshmallows!!  At the end of the lesson they actually did get to eat the left Read More

The Zebra room is all buzzing about Lunar New Year drums and the heart collage!

This month in the Zebra room, the Zebras are learning about Asian culture.  In the second week of February we focused on the Lunar New Year celebration and love, for Valentine’s Day.  For the Lunar New Year we created drums!  Red is the color used in Chinese culture that symbolized good fortune a joy.  We Read More