Lion Room Close Avenue

November has started off great for us here in the Lion Room! The children have been making such immense educational progress and us teachers are so proud of them! We have incorporated a lot of vocabulary in our lessons this year and the children extremely  enthusiastic to use the, “big” words taught to them. For example, this week was all about shapes here in the Lion Room. However, we expanded our horizons when it came to our basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. We learned about complex shapes such as a a pentagon, a hexagon, an octagon, a rhombus, and a trapezoid. The kids loved saying the names of the shapes as well as learning about them by counting how many sides each shape had. We then, as a structured center, got to open our brand new magnetic shapes and create the shapes we learned about. The kids did such an awesome job creating their own complex shapes! We have much more to learn this month and are very excited to continue learning and growing.