Visit by a Possum!

Today we were visited by an actual possum, who planted himself by the back door’s gate!
After peering at him through the window- and inspecting the sight of his whiskers, paws and giant body- the children decided that maybe he was lost and the police should be called to take him home.” His mother might be worried”, they said!
So- in came the men in blue, who also looked out of the window to get a …better look!
They didn’t know if he was alive or dead, and since possums are known best for their great acting skills and believable death scenes, (hence the origin’s of the term”playing possum”)- the went outside to roust him from his slumber.
Indeed- he was annoyed by the noise they made, that motivated him to arise- sniff the air- and gingerly mosey on up the street- trailing behind him the entourage of policemen making sure he went along his merry way. It was a fun day today!
Now if the groundhog shows up on Feb 2 too, we will truly be amazed!

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