UPK Bear Room Close Avenue

This month in October we’ve had so much fun breaking out of our shells and starting to form friendships. We’ve learned so much about how to make and keep friends and how to be a part of a group. Our Bear friends have been practicing sharing, patience, being responsible, and how to use our manners and nice words to our friends.

One project we are working on this week that we’ve had so much fun with was our Friendship Quilt!! First, we answered, “How can we be a good friend?” and we wrote it on a post it. We had the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. We learned that with primary colors, we can make more colors! During center time, Mrs. Curras had two friends come join her Teacher Center. Each friend chose one color then they painted their hands and gave each other a gentle high five, mushing their painted hands together. As they mushed their hands together, the paint started to change colors! Blue and yellow made green! Red and blue made purple! Red and yellow made orange! We were so excited to see the paint transform into a new color in our own hands. We learned that when we work together nicely with our friends, we can have new and exciting experiences. Through collaborating together, we created a quilt to show that in the Bear Room we are all friends and love to work together!