Update from the Monkey Room!

This week in the monkey room, we learned about all different types of animals in the wild.  On Monday we learned about elephants.  We discussed their habitats and the food that they eat.  We used the letter “E” to create an elephant.  Tuesday we began talking about the letter “T”, and just like the elephants we made letter “T” tigers!  Our next activity required brown paper bags, which helped us to work on the color brown.  Once we were ready we made some cute giraffe puppets.  Thursdays work allowed our monkeys to work on the colors black and white.  Can you guess what animal we created?  ZEBRAS!!!  And finally, we left, what we thing is the best animal for last, on Friday…MONKEYS!!  We had the most fun creating our very own monkey class to add to all the other wild animals we learned about.  We used different shades of brown paper, and brown pipe cleaners to make them.  The monkey room learned that although all of these animals are wild animals we can see all of them at the BRONX ZOO!!!  Field trip anyone!? :)

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