The Monkey Room

The Monkey Room


This month our theme was All About Me and how we are all different in many ways. We discussed what part of our body is important to us and what we use the most and how we use it. We discussed even though we are different, we are all still very similar in most ways. We all got a chance to learn about one another and learned new things about ourselves.  Our children were able to get the chance to learn about how important our feet are to our bodies, what shape and form they are and how they are different. We were able to get very hands on and use our fine motor skills to paint our feet and stamp them on papers and were asked questions. Some questions that were asked were, Are your feet big or small? How many toes do you have on your feet? What color did we paint our feet?  The children enjoyed the activity a lot and were having fun through the process of painting their feet and getting messy.


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