The Ant Room explores the Seasons (Decatur Ave)

This week the Ant Class has been learning about the 4 seasons. Students learned that the 4 seasons are winter, spring, summer, and fall and that each season  repeats every year. In addition, the students learned each season experiences weather changes (hot, cold, warm, and rainy), how we dress during these seasons, and what activities people participate in. During our fall season lesson students had the opportunity to become  a scientist. We used hands on activities, to allow the children to explore leaves in different ways. Using a magnifying glass students observed leaves up close, sorted leaves by color and size, and made leaf rubbings. Literature was an essential part in helping the students understand the importance of the 4 seasons. Our class read Winter by Nicola Baxter, Fall by Rosa M. Curto, Songs for the Seasons by Jamake Highwater, and We’re Going a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger.

-Ms. Sharon

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