Textured art in the Zebra Room.

The Zebra Room is enjoying learning about Asia!  For “geography” week the Zebras were created a craft of the Himalaya Mountains, which is a mountain range in South Asia.  To create the snow on the mountains we used white chalk on light blue paper.  The blue paper was used to represent the clear blue sky.  We then used sand to create the dirt at the bottom of the mountains.  Our little zebra herd had fun spreading glue with a paintbrush and then adding sand for texture.  They were able to feel the rough and bumpy texture of the sand as they spread it on the glue.  In the end they created a cool textured craft!  Take a look at some of the pictures of the Zebras as they were creating their own versions of the Himalaya Mountains.

  • img1424313824404
  • img1424313874187
  • img1424313924523
  • img1424313972671
  • img1424314036076

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