Tendertots, Decatur Avenue , Winter Concert 2017

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. We would like to thank all the hard-working teachers for putting together and guiding our children in creating one of the most memorable winter concerts by far. We receieved an overwhelming amount of support from Parents,Faculty and Staff and will forever be thankful. Our little Read More

Tendertots Decatur Avenue, PotLuck 2017

Our children at Tendertots learned the true sentimental meaning of Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we are reminded to give thanks and to share and give hence the word Thanksgiving .Today our tots gathered with their friends and family to celebrate their first Potluck at tendertots. We would love to thank the teachers for orchestrating the Potluck Read More

Cheetah Room learns about water at Tender Tots Decatur Avenue

This month the thematic unit is all about water!  The Cheetah classroom performed an experiment and observed eight items that either sink or float in water.  First the students created a graph using tally marks and numbers to predict which items would sink or float.  After everyone made their prediction, they took eight items: metal Read More

Cheetah Room visit the Bronx Zoo.

The Cheetah Room embarked on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo.  It was a great trip that exposed the students to nature and wild animals.  Everyone was really excited to see the lions!  Although we did not get to see the cheetahs at the zoo, students were able to see giraffes, gorilla, peacocks, sea lions Read More

Monster Mash in the Panda Room!

Last month, the Pandas learned about the Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!  Our Panda explorers had a great time learning the importance of the three R’s.  One activity that they especially LOVED was when they turned regular recycling items like a cleaned out milk jug into something else.  The students we’re able to Read More

The Elephants celebrate Arbor Day – Recycle Style!

The week the Elephants continued to learn all about “The Three R’s”, all while celebrating Arbor Day!  In order to commemorate Arbor Day, the Elephants created “ex-tree-ordinary” art work made out of recycled coffee sleeves, courtesy of Starbucks.  They helped cut and tear the sleeves – which were green and brown – the prefect colors to Read More

Cheetah News!

The Month of April was all about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  The Cheetah Room learned the difference between the three and how they themselves can contribute to each.  A recycling center was set up outside the classroom so students could recycle their garbage.  This helped students with sorting and categorizing, while also promoting mathematical skills Read More

The Elephants learned about the Three R’s!

In the month of March the elephants learned how to recycle!! We created two bins: one made out of cardboard for paper products and one made out of plastic for plastic products.  The elephants then sorted through a mixed pile of paper and plastic materials, choosing the items they liked best.  Then the walked to Read More

Monkey Room March Madness!

March meant trees in the Monkey room.  The classroom learned about the different textures of trees, parts of trees, how trees change and what kind of animals live in trees.  We the class to the park and they touched the trees and explored the different parts.  While at the park they collected leaves, twigs, fallen Read More

News from the Giraffe Room!

Our topic for the month of March was trees.  We took our children to the park to to discover the different characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with other parts of trees.  While we were at the park we had the students collect the different parts of Read More