Cheetah Room learns about water at Tender Tots Decatur Avenue

This month the thematic unit is all about water!  The Cheetah classroom performed an experiment and observed eight items that either sink or float in water.  First the students created a graph using tally marks and numbers to predict which items would sink or float.  After everyone made their prediction, they took eight items: metal Read More

The Elephants learned about the Three R’s!

In the month of March the elephants learned how to recycle!! We created two bins: one made out of cardboard for paper products and one made out of plastic for plastic products.  The elephants then sorted through a mixed pile of paper and plastic materials, choosing the items they liked best.  Then the walked to Read More

News from the Giraffe Room!

Our topic for the month of March was trees.  We took our children to the park to to discover the different characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with other parts of trees.  While we were at the park we had the students collect the different parts of Read More

Cheetah Room News

The Cheetah Room was completely consumed in the month of March with a Tree Study.  Students learned about the characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with parts of trees. Much of our lessons took place outside so students could learn from first hand experiences.  Students picked trees Read More