It’s SUMMER in the Tiger Room!

In July our babies are learning all about Summer.  This week the Tiger room plated with beach toys!  Not only were the babies having a blast playing but they were also learning to play together while having fun as a group and individually.  Every smile that came out of their little faces was a memorable Read More

Monkey room update!!

The topic of this month is balls!  The Monkey room is learning about different types of balls such as footballs, basketballs, tennis balls and even beach balls!  For one of the activities we did the children painted a pre-cut football, basketball, and soccer ball.  Before we began this activity, we talked about the different sports Read More

Learning is better when we’re having fun!

Our tiger cubs are having a lot of fun with balls.  This month within the creative curriculum, they are being introduced to balls through playing and exploring the different types of balls.  Keep in mind that the babies are not just playing, there are developing their find and gross motor skills too.  Each little tiger was Read More

The Elephants learned about the Three R’s!

In the month of March the elephants learned how to recycle!! We created two bins: one made out of cardboard for paper products and one made out of plastic for plastic products.  The elephants then sorted through a mixed pile of paper and plastic materials, choosing the items they liked best.  Then the walked to Read More

Cheetah Room News

The Cheetah Room was completely consumed in the month of March with a Tree Study.  Students learned about the characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with parts of trees. Much of our lessons took place outside so students could learn from first hand experiences.  Students picked trees Read More

Lion Room Newsflash!!

In the last week of February the Lion room as been talking about Dental Hygiene.  The lions made a mouth with teeth using construction paper and marshmallows.  Our kiddies had a great time and were very tempted to eat their marshmallows!!  At the end of the lesson they actually did get to eat the left Read More

The Zebra room is all buzzing about Lunar New Year drums and the heart collage!

This month in the Zebra room, the Zebras are learning about Asian culture.  In the second week of February we focused on the Lunar New Year celebration and love, for Valentine’s Day.  For the Lunar New Year we created drums!  Red is the color used in Chinese culture that symbolized good fortune a joy.  We Read More

It’s always a happy time in the tiger room😉

At the same time that our little tigers are playing and having fun, they are learning about shapes, colors and how to play together while sharing toys.  Our room introduces learning concepts at the most basic level for our babies.  Most of our activities and personal objectives focus on developing the find motor and gross Read More

Winter fun in the Giraffe Room.

This week the Giraffe Room concluded the theme of winter clothing and began looking at winter homes.  We began by reading the story, “Igloo and Inuit Life” by Louise Spilsbury.  We first taught our students a new vocabulary word, Inuit.  Then while reading the book we learned how the Inuit lived in the past and compared it Read More

Winter Wonderland in the Panda Room.

In the month of January the Pandas are learning about many different aspect of winter such as snow, winter clothing, winter homes, and polar animals.  We began by experimenting with artificial snow!!  Our students had the opportunity to be scientist by mixing baking soda and hair conditioner together to create snow.  Once we were done Read More