Cheetah Room learns about water at Tender Tots Decatur Avenue

This month the thematic unit is all about water!  The Cheetah classroom performed an experiment and observed eight items that either sink or float in water.  First the students created a graph using tally marks and numbers to predict which items would sink or float.  After everyone made their prediction, they took eight items: metal Read More

It’s SUMMER in the Tiger Room!

In July our babies are learning all about Summer.  This week the Tiger room plated with beach toys!  Not only were the babies having a blast playing but they were also learning to play together while having fun as a group and individually.  Every smile that came out of their little faces was a memorable Read More

Buildings in the Monkey Room!!

The topic for May is Buildings.  Our little Monkeys are learning about the different ways that buildings are made, all the work that goes into building a building, and the many differences between all the buildings they encounter on a daily basis.  After reading the story of the Three Little Pigs, the monkeys were able to Read More

The Elephants celebrate Arbor Day – Recycle Style!

The week the Elephants continued to learn all about “The Three R’s”, all while celebrating Arbor Day!  In order to commemorate Arbor Day, the Elephants created “ex-tree-ordinary” art work made out of recycled coffee sleeves, courtesy of Starbucks.  They helped cut and tear the sleeves – which were green and brown – the prefect colors to Read More

Cheetah News!

The Month of April was all about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  The Cheetah Room learned the difference between the three and how they themselves can contribute to each.  A recycling center was set up outside the classroom so students could recycle their garbage.  This helped students with sorting and categorizing, while also promoting mathematical skills Read More

Our Panda’s have green thumbs!

During the month of March, our students are taking a deeper look into and are participating in a study of trees!  Throughout the these few weeks our explorers will have planted and taking care of their very own sunflowers.  This will allow our kids to learn more about plants and how tender love and care mixed Read More