Tendertots Decatur Avenue, Dentistry

Everyone knows a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. Your teeth are vital for your health and longevity. Today our tots learned how and why it is important to brush,floss and take good care of our teeth.We would like to thank Susan Giuffrida RDH, BS from HealthPlex for her time,patience and valuable information. Our children Read More

Let’s take care of our teeth!!

This week the students in the Giraffe room are learning about brushing their teeth!!  We introduced the topic by reading the book ‘Brushing our teeth.’  We had familiar objects such as toothbrushes, tooth paste, mouth wash and even dental floss,  for the students to pass around a talk about.  The part the children loved the most Read More

Lion Room Newsflash!!

In the last week of February the Lion room as been talking about Dental Hygiene.  The lions made a mouth with teeth using construction paper and marshmallows.  Our kiddies had a great time and were very tempted to eat their marshmallows!!  At the end of the lesson they actually did get to eat the left Read More