Tendertots, Decatur Avenue , Winter Concert 2017

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. We would like to thank all the hard-working teachers for putting together and guiding our children in creating one of the most memorable winter concerts by far. We receieved an overwhelming amount of support from Parents,Faculty and Staff and will forever be thankful. Our little Read More

Tendertots Decatur Avenue, PotLuck 2017

Our children at Tendertots learned the true sentimental meaning of Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we are reminded to give thanks and to share and give hence the word Thanksgiving .Today our tots gathered with their friends and family to celebrate their first Potluck at tendertots. We would love to thank the teachers for orchestrating the Potluck Read More

Cheetah Room learns about water at Tender Tots Decatur Avenue

This month the thematic unit is all about water!  The Cheetah classroom performed an experiment and observed eight items that either sink or float in water.  First the students created a graph using tally marks and numbers to predict which items would sink or float.  After everyone made their prediction, they took eight items: metal Read More

The Monkey room is having lots of Summer fun.

The thematic unit for the month of July is ‘ALL ABOUT SUMMER!!”  The Monkey room is learning about different types of clothing they wear in the Summer, clothes like t-shirts, slippers, and their favorite…bathing suits!  During the month on July the Monkeys also learned about healthy eating.  Our students were given the opportunity to try Read More

It’s SUMMER in the Tiger Room!

In July our babies are learning all about Summer.  This week the Tiger room plated with beach toys!  Not only were the babies having a blast playing but they were also learning to play together while having fun as a group and individually.  Every smile that came out of their little faces was a memorable Read More

Elephant Ball Toss!

Last month the Elephants have been learning all about balls!  They had a blast learning the many different colors and varying sizes that balls can come in.  The elephants have learned which balls bounce and which balls roll.  The last week of June we questioned who uses balls and can you guess what we came Read More

Trix on a Stick!

Although the school year has home to an end, our students continued to learn and expand their minds further all through the summer.  Throughout the month of June, the Panda room learned about the different uses of balls and the characteristics through various activities.  As a yummy learning treat the students made “Trix on a Read More

Giraffe Room is having a ball!

The study at TenderTots for the month of June was balls.  The Giraffe room learned what balls are made of, who uses balls and what makes balls bounce. During our study the Giraffe Room learned about the many different typed of balls.  We explored balls such as basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, footballs, golf balls baseballs Read More

Buildings in the Monkey Room!!

The topic for May is Buildings.  Our little Monkeys are learning about the different ways that buildings are made, all the work that goes into building a building, and the many differences between all the buildings they encounter on a daily basis.  After reading the story of the Three Little Pigs, the monkeys were able to Read More