It’s SUMMER in the Tiger Room!

In July our babies are learning all about Summer.  This week the Tiger room plated with beach toys!  Not only were the babies having a blast playing but they were also learning to play together while having fun as a group and individually.  Every smile that came out of their little faces was a memorable Read More

Learning is better when we’re having fun!

Our tiger cubs are having a lot of fun with balls.  This month within the creative curriculum, they are being introduced to balls through playing and exploring the different types of balls.  Keep in mind that the babies are not just playing, there are developing their find and gross motor skills too.  Each little tiger was Read More

My family and me

This week our little tiger cubs are learning about themselves and their family members.  The parents brought in family photos for our little ones to look at while they are discovering their classroom.  As part of our learning we made a classroom family tree.  We traced our students hand prints on different color pieces of Read More