Shout out from the Butterfly Room

By: Ms. Coyette Ellis, Pre-K Lead Teacher


In the Pre-k classroom the students are taken on a wondrous journey of colors, numbers, shapes, and thinking activities all while building social skills.  Our Pre-K program strives on creative curriculum and believes in learning through play.

As the students learn the value of coins and quantity they are taken in to the community to purchase goods, which reinforces the value of money.  Science in this classroom involves the use of solid and liquids as the students observe ice, make predictions and discuss cold places and its environment.  Students are encouraged to expand on their imagination in the block and dramatic play areas; from making grand castles to serving lunch in their restaurant of choice.

The students in this room build on reading comprehension with daily story routines, which are then interpreted through their art.  As we know, all art works hold the signature of the artist; daily our little artists work to improve their penmanship and begin the road to make their mark.

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