Sensory fun in the Elephant Room.

Yesterday our little elephant herd had the opportunity to use their newest piece of furniture, a sensory table.  Their teachers filled one side with water and the other side with sand giving the students the opportunity to explore either side.  They were also given various toys to bury in the sand, watch float on the surface of the water, or watch as they sunk to the bottom of the water bin.  Activities planned around our sensory table helps foster our little elephants curiosity and willingness to explore freely.   Once there were all done playing at the sensory table our elephants also painted!  While most like painting with a paintbrush some also enjoyed the cool squishy feeling of the paint on their hands.  Later on in the afternoon to continue their learning of different textures our students were given the opportunity to play with play-doh!  Take a look at all the fun our little elephants had!

  • 20150323_104417
  • 20150323_104432
  • 20150323_104439
  • 20150323_104442
  • 20150323_105148
  • 20150323_105151
  • 20150323_153049
  • 20150323_153054
  • 20150323_153104
  • 20150323_153237-614x1024
  • 20150323_153240-614x1024
  • 20150323_153244

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