Seeing stars in the zebra room.

 This month the Zebras learned about Outer Space!  We made rocket ships, read stories about astronauts, and we even took a look at  some stars.  The young Zebras focused on the shape of stars using play dough. We stamped the star shape and also enjoyed the soft touch of the dough.  The Zebras had fun making stars! 

  • 20140826_111333-576x1024
  • 20140826_111321-576x1024
  • 20140826_111131-576x1024
  • 20140826_110858-576x1024
  • 20140826_110841-576x1024
  • 20140826_105933-576x1024
  • 20140826_105848-576x1024
  • 20140826_105830-576x1024
  • 20140826_105645-576x1024
  • 20140826_105418-576x1024
  • 20140826_105151-576x1024
  • 20140826_105044-576x1024


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