UPK Program (Ages 4 – 5)

We are thrilled with the implementation of our new UPK classrooms at Tender Tots 137 St. for this new school year. After a rigorous application process, Tender Tots has been assigned 54 full day student slots for the 2015/2016 school year. This is in addition to the 54 existing slots we currently have at our Tender Tots Decatur location.

In the UPK classrooms, students are educated with the NYC Board of Education approved Creative Curriculum, focusing on the Common Core along with the Teaching Strategies Gold assessment tool, which helps ensure a seamless transition into Kindergarten following graduation from Tender Tots.

A strong emphasis is placed on literacy, phonemic awareness, beginning writing skills, math, and science. We employ a wide variety of educational tools, materials, and technology to keep children engaged and learning. The classroom enviornment contains learning centers, that are based upon the student’s interests. The centers provide an opportunity for the students to practice hands-on skills while involved in positive social interaction. The curriculum themes are implemented into the centers to further engage the students and provide additional opportunities for continued learning.

Physical fitness is imperative for educational success. Outdoor playtime is scheduled daily to promote daily exercise. Coordination is improved with the use of balls, jump ropes and other outdoor play equipment.