Lion room newsflash!!

September was a month that the Lion Room began to learn about themselves and each other. In learning about each other students highlight differences and similarities and thus begin to build respect for diversity. One assignment that the Lions thoroughly enjoyed was creating and showcasing their “Me Bags.” Each student was given a paper bag with directions to decorate it and fill it with four important or favorite objects. Students were then given the spotlight to share these items and what they mean to them. Students were so proud to discuss their personal objects with their friends. This activity also gave students a chance to let their voice be heard.

Another assignment we did in order to better get to know each other was our family tree. In class each student painted a family tree using their hands. Then they took their trees home and added their family to the tree. Some students placed family photos, some wrote names, and some even drew their own pictures. This activity gave students a chance to work with their parents on an assignment together while learning about the people in their family. Again, students shined when given a platform to share all about their family. For some students these assignments helped with their language development and shyness. We are so proud of the work our students and families are doing!

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