Keeping our teeth healthy!

In the Dragonfly room this week the students were learning about dental hygiene. Along with learning the makeup of teeth, learning when to brush your teeth and what’s good and bad for your teeth, the students also did arts and craft activities that coincide with dental hygiene. In the first activity, students were given Popsicle sticks to color. After we put the Popsicle sticks together, the students were then given a cloth material that represented the brush on a toothbrush to glue on the Popsicle stick. For the second activity, the students were given a pre- cut out mouth, they were also given marshmallows that were to be used as healthy teeth and placed inside the mouth with glue.

In  celebration of Valentine’s Day, students did a special activity where they made valentine day gifts for their parents. They used painted hand prints shaped into hearts and painted foot prints to show the depths of their love for their parents.


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