Holidays around the world – Giraffe room edition.

December was a fun month in the Giraffe room!  During the weeks in December our students enjoyed learning about some of the different holidays that are celebrated around the world.  First we learned about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah.  This week our little ones learned about a menorah and why there are eight candles on it.  Next we learned about Christmas and decorated our own candy canes to add to our classroom tree.  After that, out students learned about Kwanzaa and what each candle signifies.  Our students also make hats using the three colors, red – blue – black, used throughout Kwanzaa.  Lastly, this week, we will be learning about different New Years celebrations through the world.  We will be creating fireworks and different wearable decorations for the upcoming celebration!!  We can not wait!!  The amazing thing about this months theme is that both the students AND teachers gained a wealth of knowledge.  PhotoGrid_1451071551955

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