Happy May from the Bear Room.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather!  It is definitely welcomed in the Bear Room with our numerous trips to the park.  Although we have been having lots of fun outside we also have been working hard inside.  We’ve reached the letter “K” in our alphabet and number “11” in our number line.  Many of our Bears  have also been perfecting their handwriting skills by learning to write their names in an allotted space!

We have also explored  our thematic unit of Hygiene!  The Bears have been very excited to learn about germs and how we should care for our bodies to stop the spread of germs.  They learned how to properly wash their bodies using a hands on activity.  We also learned the importance of taking care of our teeth by conducting an experiment with sugary juices and other drinks.  Check out the photos below!  Enjoy. :)

  • image13
  • image12
  • image11
  • image10
  • image9
  • image8
  • image7
  • image6
  • image5
  • image3
  • image1
  • image2
  • image4

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