Greetings from the Spider Room!

This month the Spider room began with exploring and learning about different countries and cultures in celebration of National Kids Week.  With an emphasis, not only, on celebrating being different but appreciating the individuality of every person.  Incorporating pretend play and art the spider room was able to create Indian headdresses, similar to those worn by Indian tribes which represented the distinctiveness of each tribe.  Through music and dance the spider room explored cultural instruments like the maraca, known widely to be used in Mexican culture.

As we continue with the month of August we will carry on with our themed weeks, touching on subjects like sports, the beach, and much more.  Always wanting to be a teacher, it has been my goal to emphasis the importance of knowledge and making it a thing of joy and using art, music, and play as a means to an end it is my goal for the spider room to continue expanding their knowledge of not only the basics of reading and writing but that of the world around them.


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