Greetings from the Ladybug Room

By: Natasha Cruz, Infant Room Lead Teacher

Hello! Greetings from the Ladybug Room (6 weeks- 12 months)!

Our classroom activities consists of tummy time, music and movement, and arts and crafts.
Tummy time works on child’s muscle development. We try to encourage parents to do tummy time with their child at home also. This exercise helps the infant develop their neck muscle and may help the infant reach certain millstones, such as crawling, faster. After we observe that the child can hold his/her head up, we move on to challenging the infant to reach for an object. Gradually, the infant moves on to different levels in development.

After tummy time, we move on to music and movement. Music and movement is so much fun! The infants take this time to listen to music and use instruments, such as, maracas, tambourines, little drums…. We love to watch the smiles and laughter on each child’s face!

The learning process doesn’t just stop there. We believe that even the infants can also do arts and crafts. For the month of January, we placed a snowflake on a table and poured whipped cream “snow” on top. The infants loved this! They started playing with the whipped cream and discovered different movements their hands can make. In February, we took heart shaped templates and had the infants finger paint and glue noodles onto the heart. The fun goes on and on!

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