Greetings from the Bear Room.

Although February is the shortest month the Bear Room was full of culture learning about the continent of Asia and influential African Americans for Black History Month.  Every week the Bears indulged in Asian culture, food, clothes, and even celebrated Chinese New Year!  Gung Hey Fat Choy!!  Everyone’s favorite activity was calligraphy because they were able to paint for themselves.

Every Friday of the month the Bear Room learned about important people of color.  For the unit on Jackie Robinson the Bears became #42 by creating their very own Dodger’s jerseys.  The Bear Room was transformed into a hair salon so the students could see first hand the impact of Madam CJ Walker.  Madam Walker developed a line of hair and beauty products for black women.  The students also learned about George Washing Carver and how he created a favorite snack for some, peanut butter, yum!  Finally, they learned about Gabby Douglas who brought out the inner gymnast in all of the bears!

By introducing other cultures the Bear Room learned the importance of tolerance.  They now have a deeper understanding that each person is different, with a different way of speaking, eating, living, etc.  They learned that although these differences are what sets us all apart, it is also the thing that makes each person special, including them.

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