Giraffe Room Soaring at Tender Tots Close Avenue

This summer, the Giraffe Room is just bursting with so much learning!  The children are learning how to count.  They enjoy hearing a story being read by their teacher.  Making lemonade is a favorite treat!  Yummy!  A nice cool drink in this summer time heat!  The children are also measuring their growth to see just how much they’ve grown!  When it rains, that doesn’t stop the Giraffe Room from having indoor fun!


hand 1 hand 2 hand 3 hand 4 hand 5 hand 6 hand 7 hand 8 hand 9 hand 10 hand 11 hand 12 hand 13 hand 14 hand 15 hand 16 hand 18 hand 19 hand 20 hand 21 hand 22 hand 23




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