Exciting things are happening in the Grasshopper Room

Working with the kids has taught me many things about them an I have also learned a lot about myself. Their minds are still developing so it is amusing when I teach them something new and they remember it. In my class, the Grasshopper Room I introduced a new song called “open shut them”. In this song the children learn about opposites such as big and small, loud and quite, fast and slow. The children loved the song so much that they came in the next day requesting it and ready to sing. Along with singing songs we were able to create discovery bottles. In these discovery bottles they added materials like foam shapes, pom poms, goggle eyes, and glitter. The bottles were then filled with water and sealed tight. Now the kids are able to shake them and discover what they have inside, some of the kids didn’t want to let them go because they are so amused with the way they can shake it and see all the materials inside. It is very exciting working with my students and I  have many more activities planned and I can not wait to do them with the kids.

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