Educational Director – Corona, Queens Location

Although I have many interests, nothing gives me greater joy than the opportunity to work with children. I knew from an early age that I would be a teacher. I can still remember my first classroom. My dolls were my first students!


Fast forward to the future and here I am part of the Tender Tots family as an Educational Director. I hold a Master Degree in Early Childhood and I have many years of experience teaching preschoolers.


It is my hope that all the little ones, and their families as well as the staff, will feel a sense of belonging and dignity every time they walk through our doors in Corona. Our school is an environment in which hands-on activities and a multicultural atmosphere are appreciated. It is my hope that we will help to develop a sense of curiosity in our students and help to form life-long learners.


Please contact me at or by phone at 718-408-5595. I look forward to getting to know you and your little ones. There will be many occasions for us to meet and spend time together.
 Bienvenido a Corona! Bienvenue a Corona! Welcome to Corona!

Best Regards,
Marie Rondeau

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