Early learning in the tiger room.

When it comes to learning, age is not an obstacle for our young tiger cubs!!  For the past two weeks our little tiger cubs have been learning all about wild animals!!  In the activity below we looked at the color yellow and used paper plates, paint, and pom-poms to create a lion face.  While some of our cubs needed a little assistance holding their paint brush, some used their fingers, which introduces different textures for sensory learning.  Those that we’re able to hold a paint brush were working on their fine motor skills while exercising the muscles in their tiny hands.  We’re sure their favorite part was making a mess and having fun.

  • IMG_6559
  • IMG_6558
  • IMG_6557
  • IMG_6555
  • IMG_6552
  • IMG_6551
  • IMG_6550
  • IMG_6543
  • IMG_6541
  • IMG_6538
  • IMG_6534
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