Dinosaur fun in the Lion Room.

ROAR !!!!!!

We hope everyone is ready for Fall!  The Lion Room had an awesome summer with countless trips to the park and sprinklers.  Now we are ready to take on September with it’s fast approaching change of weather!
The Lion Room is super excited to learn about dinosaurs this month!  We began our journey learning what the word dinosaur means, “terrible lizard” and the three different types, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore.
The “Lions” made their own roaring dinosaur with marshmallow teeth.

  • image_9
  • image_8
  • image_10
  • image
  • image_8
  • image_7
  • image_6
  • image_5
  • image_4
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  • image_1

 We also played “Alphabet Race to the Volcano”. The purpose of the game is to have the students recognize various letters of the alphabet while trying to reach the volcano. They had so much fun jumping over letters as dinosaurs would!
Enjoy the photos and check in next time for more Lion Room Fun! :)

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