Dino Print fun with the Zebras!

The Zebras really enjoyed Dinosaur month with all the different kinds of dinosaurs,  both big and small.  They especially enjoyed being able to play with all the dino toys and pretending to be dinosaurs with their big dino “Rawrrrs”!
For “Fossil” week the Zebras got a chance to make dinosaur footprints in sand! They loved being able to stomp them around in the sand and see the different types of footprints each dinosaur made.  Check them out exploring the sand and the dinos!

  • 20141002_105252-576x1024
  • 20141002_105437-576x1024
  • 20141002_105538-576x1024
  • 20141002_105652-576x1024
  • 20141002_105834-576x1024
  • 20141002_110037-576x1024
  • 20141002_110216-576x1024
  • 20141002_110723-576x1024
  • 20141002_111001-576x1024
  • 20141002_111225-576x1024

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