Tendertots in Decatur Avenue, The New Addition

We are proud to introduce our newest addition to Tendertots at Decatur Avenue,the Kitten room. Due to our success in our Zebra room (1 year old program) the high enrollment demand has allowed us to expand and open our Kitten room.We are also proud of our very patient, caring and creative lead teacher, Ms.Fatima Straugh. Read More

Tendertots Decatur Avenue, Dentistry

Everyone knows a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. Your teeth are vital for your health and longevity. Today our tots learned how and why it is important to brush,floss and take good care of our teeth.We would like to thank Susan Giuffrida RDH, BS from HealthPlex for her time,patience and valuable information. Our children Read More

Tendertots Decatur Avenue , Music and Movement

Music and Movement in our Giraffe (2 yr.old) room.Our teachers are using Percussion instruments to engage students in music and movement. Some of the instruments the students enjoyed using were cymbals,triangles,tambourine,maracas and plenas.These instruments are indigenous of the Taino,African and Spanish-European cultures which influenced the Caribbean islands,including Puertorico,Dominican Republic,Cuba and Haiti. Ms.Lucy and Ms.Carmen engages Read More

Tendertots Decatur Avenue, Bilingual Birdies

Music can assist children in expanding vocabulary and learning synonyms.Music is a powerful tool for learning new concepts or memorizing information. We are happy to see our children receiving this type of education from Bilingual Birdies very own, Florencia Cuenca. Florencia combines her love for music with singing, dancing  while teaching the children Spanish. We Read More

Tendertots, Decatur Avenue , Winter Concert 2017

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. We would like to thank all the hard-working teachers for putting together and guiding our children in creating one of the most memorable winter concerts by far. We receieved an overwhelming amount of support from Parents,Faculty and Staff and will forever be thankful. Our little Read More