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TenderTots NY – Bronx Times

Higher quality childcare is needed in Norwood, said Community Board 7 district manager Fernando Tirado…

“I want to thank the owners of TenderTots and the teachers and staff for bringing what will be high-quality childcare to our community, where it is badly needed,”

Opening a childcare center in Norwood fits with the mission of Tendertots, said Sterling Education Group executive vice president Steve Tress, representing the owners.

“We have been targeting under-served neighborhoods that have a need for high-quality child care, and have done demographic studies that show that some areas of the Bronx don’t have high-quality child care, or enough care,”

Tress stated:

“We want to provide the same level of care that any child in a middle-class neighborhood would receive. At the Decatur Avenue location, special education services are provided in house, and breakfast and lunch are served every day.”

TenderTots NY - Bronx Times
In 2013, Tendertots will be opening another location at 531 E. 137th Street

Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy are also provided in house, and all forms of government assistance are accepted, Tress said.




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