The Ant Room explores the Seasons (Decatur Ave)

This week the Ant Class has been learning about the 4 seasons. Students learned that the 4 seasons are winter, spring, summer, and fall and that each season  repeats every year. In addition, the students learned each season experiences weather changes (hot, cold, warm, and rainy), how we dress during these seasons, and what activities people participate in. During Read More

UPK students at Decatur Ave learn about “Helper’s in My Community”

This month we focused on “communities.” The children used various materials within the classroom to create their own “communities.” In order to instill a greater understanding of communities, we incorporated  literature ; “Helpers in my Community”, by Bobbie Kalman, and “The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza”, by Philemon Struggs.  In the pictures below, the children created their own Read More

Fun with Fairytales and Fables at Decatur Ave Daycare Center

Literacy is an important part of early childhood development. Literacy provides the stepping stones for oral language, print knowledge, and phonological sensitivity as important emergent literacy skills for the development of reading. On October 31, 2014, we celebrated fairy tales and fables. Each classroom chose a different fairy tale or fable. The class read the book, learned about Read More

Dino Print fun with the Zebras!

The Zebras really enjoyed Dinosaur month with all the different kinds of dinosaurs,  both big and small.  They especially enjoyed being able to play with all the dino toys and pretending to be dinosaurs with their big dino “Rawrrrs”! For “Fossil” week the Zebras got a chance to make dinosaur footprints in sand! They loved being Read More