Winter Wonderland in the Panda Room.

In the month of January the Pandas are learning about many different aspect of winter such as snow, winter clothing, winter homes, and polar animals.  We began by experimenting with artificial snow!!  Our students had the opportunity to be scientist by mixing baking soda and hair conditioner together to create snow.  Once we were done Read More

Fun with mittens!!!

This month in the Zebra room, the Zebras are learning about winter!  We began the month by learning about snow and snowmen.  This week we focused on winter clothing.  The Zebras are learning that winter clothing such as hats, scarves, mittens, and sweaters help to keep us warm when it’s cold outside.  We looked at different Read More

Holidays around the world – Giraffe room edition.

December was a fun month in the Giraffe room!  During the weeks in December our students enjoyed learning about some of the different holidays that are celebrated around the world.  First we learned about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah.  This week our little ones learned about a menorah and why there are eight candles on it. Read More

Let’s learn all about Autumn!

During the month of November our thematic unit will focus on the season of Autumn.  We have begun our learning by talking about the leaves, the changes that take place and why they fall off the trees.  The giraffe students went a walk in the neighborhood so that they could observe the trees and all the leaves Read More

Lion room newsflash!!

September was a month that the Lion Room began to learn about themselves and each other. In learning about each other students highlight differences and similarities and thus begin to build respect for diversity. One assignment that the Lions thoroughly enjoyed was creating and showcasing their “Me Bags.” Each student was given a paper bag Read More

Community helpers in the giraffe room.

This week the students in the giraffe room are learning about all the various people in our community that we may encounter on a daily basis.  Recently, we focused on those we see within our community more often, like police officers and firefighters.  Police officers help make our neighborhood a safer place.  They work hard Read More

My family and me

This week our little tiger cubs are learning about themselves and their family members.  The parents brought in family photos for our little ones to look at while they are discovering their classroom.  As part of our learning we made a classroom family tree.  We traced our students hand prints on different color pieces of Read More