Cheetah Room News

The Cheetah Room was completely consumed in the month of March with a Tree Study.  Students learned about the characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with parts of trees. Much of our lessons took place outside so students could learn from first hand experiences.  Students picked trees Read More

Our Panda’s have green thumbs!

During the month of March, our students are taking a deeper look into and are participating in a study of trees!  Throughout the these few weeks our explorers will have planted and taking care of their very own sunflowers.  This will allow our kids to learn more about plants and how tender love and care mixed Read More


It’s National Bubble Week and our tiger cubs are having fun playing with bubbles.  It was an amazing and priceless moment witnessing their little faces when they saw the bubbles in the air.  Not only were they having fun they were also practicing on their gross motor and fine motor development.  They were stretching their arms, Read More


We over on 137th Street would like to congratulate one of our preschool teachers on her promotion to Lead UPK Teacher.  Mrs. Ashanti had been teaching in our four year old Lion Room.  She goes above and beyond for her students making sure they are in a learning environment that is comfortable and challenging at Read More