The Elephants celebrate Arbor Day – Recycle Style!

The week the Elephants continued to learn all about “The Three R’s”, all while celebrating Arbor Day!  In order to commemorate Arbor Day, the Elephants created “ex-tree-ordinary” art work made out of recycled coffee sleeves, courtesy of Starbucks.  They helped cut and tear the sleeves – which were green and brown – the prefect colors to Read More

Cheetah News!

The Month of April was all about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  The Cheetah Room learned the difference between the three and how they themselves can contribute to each.  A recycling center was set up outside the classroom so students could recycle their garbage.  This helped students with sorting and categorizing, while also promoting mathematical skills Read More

Monkey Room News Flash!

The topic for the month of May is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  The Monkeys learned about the different types of garbage they throw away.  Afterwards, they looked at the categories that each of these things fall into.  They observed that some of the things they throw away were also reusable.  Our little monkeys noticed that some of Read More

Our UPK student presents the Phases of the Moon on Decatur Ave

This week we learned about the phases of the moon. As our UPK students grow as scholars, we encourage them to speak in front of their peers with confidence.  One of our UPK students enjoyed the theme so much, he created a special presentation for his peers. A special congratulations to Nicholas, for his courage, Read More

Zebra Room Newsflash!

For the month of March, the Zebras learned all about trees.  We learned about what makes up a tree and who lives in them.  We also learned about other things that are on trees, such as fruit, flowers and even birds nests.  We read the story “Goodnight Mouse” by Parragon.  It was about different types Read More

The Elephants learned about the Three R’s!

In the month of March the elephants learned how to recycle!! We created two bins: one made out of cardboard for paper products and one made out of plastic for plastic products.  The elephants then sorted through a mixed pile of paper and plastic materials, choosing the items they liked best.  Then the walked to Read More

Monkey Room March Madness!

March meant trees in the Monkey room.  The classroom learned about the different textures of trees, parts of trees, how trees change and what kind of animals live in trees.  We the class to the park and they touched the trees and explored the different parts.  While at the park they collected leaves, twigs, fallen Read More

News from the Giraffe Room!

Our topic for the month of March was trees.  We took our children to the park to to discover the different characteristics of trees, who lives in trees, how trees change and what we can do with other parts of trees.  While we were at the park we had the students collect the different parts of Read More