An Exciting October from the Spider Room!!

This month the Spider room began with dinosaur week in honor of reptile appreciation.  Students took part in a fossil hunt where they were given magnifying glasses to help search for ‘fossils’ in the midst of dirt, as many archaeologists do.

We also got to enjoy kids care week, a week in which the whole daycare took part in appreciating and caring for our friends.  Students were able to take part in observing the importance of sharing and seeing other classes do the same, as fellow tot mates walked around the daycare sharing snacks with the spider room.

As we continue on in the month of October, we will continue learning about autumn and the different things we find during this season.  We will see more leaves drop and the need to bundle up to stay warm.   At the end of the month, we will have an amazing costume party.  Children will enjoy the day by dressing up and  trick-o-treating. There will be  plenty of social interaction and candy consumption, which I believe students will find to be a great way to end the month.


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